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please help! moving in 10 days, can't take!

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please help! moving in 10 days, can't take!

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red chucks
I leave the country in 10 days and sadly, cannot take my dog with me. The woman that had told me that she would be taking her tonight changed her mind very last minute, and now I'm scrambling to find a new home for her.

I have a 5 year old female Beagle/Boxer mix named Patches. She's spayed and housebroken. She is big and built like a boxer, but marked and acts like a beagle. She is an indoor dog, but loves to run and play outdoors, and go for walks. A fenced in yard is a must! She is great with cats, other dogs, and kids. She's been fantastic with my 3 year old ever since he was born. She's very playful and loving!!

I am moving overseas on the 28th of June, and cannot take her with me, sadly. She is a beloved member of my family, and it breaks my heart that I have to find her a new home that isn't with us.

If you have room in your family for this overgrown lap dog, please let me know! She comes with what food we have for her now, a leash, collar, and bowls. Email me, and I'll be more than happy to send you photos of her.

I thought I had someone lined up to take her, but they just emailed me and told me they changed their mind last minute.

Thank you for considering her!
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